Natural gas production in Iraq for the period (2004-2019) a study in econometrics.


  • Sanaa Mohammed Chechan
  • Rahman Hassan Ali


Natural Gas , Gas Reserve , Gas production Co-Integration


Natural gas is a very important source because of its economic and environmental  characteristics, and for its multiple uses, as it is used as a clean source of energy and a raw material for the hydrocarbon industries, in addition to its large reserves and low prices compared to other energy sources, in addition to that it fits environmental legislation, Iraq has a large reserve Form an important proportion of the global reserve, as it can be invested to contribute to achieving economic growth, thus highlighting the importance of developing production of natural gas and knowing the extent to which it is affected by a range of variables, including (gas reserves, gas exports, global demand for gas, crude oil prices, growth rate economic) .                                                                                                  


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- Develop a clear strategy for the gas industry in Iraq and have plans and programs under implementation in order to advance the reality of the industry.

-Using the latest technological methods in the gas industry to reduce combustion rates and benefit from associated gas.

-The Iraqi government's interest in the natural gas industry at a level commensurate with the interest in the crude oil industry.

- Benefiting from successful experiences in countries similar to the conditions of the Iraqi economy, providing an appropriate investment environment, and creating conditions that allow the establishment of the hydrocarbon industry.

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